Best Web Series On MX Player 2022

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In this article i have provided top 5 best web series to watch on mx player list of this 5 web series contains love, college life, comedy, friends and many more. enjoy this weekend with this amazong web series direct watch link is also provided. Also comment below which web series you like most on MX PLayer

Release Date: 07 Jan 22

Director: Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav

Cast: Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Abhinav Sharma, and Srishti Ganguli Rindani

Best Web Series On MX Player

Campus Diaries is drama about six Excel University students. However, this is not your typical college drama because it goes beyond the typical Masti and Dosti plots depicted in youth dramas and addresses relevant yet under-discussed issues such as ragging. if you are missing your college days thne its highly recomanded to watch this amazing web series with college life, comedy, love story 

Best Web Series On MX Player #2: Indori Ishq

Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Web Series
Year: 2021
Best Web Series On MX Player 2022

The Indori Ishq series story based around Kunal, played by Ritvik Shore, who has got it all in life at an early age as he steps outside his hometown to the dream city of Mumbai. With a seat reserved in one of the top Naval colleges in India and his high-school sweetheart, Tara’s role played by Vedika Bhandari, with him in a long-distance relationship, Kunal feels like the luckiest man in the world. However, these good times do not last long. Once Kunal comes to know about Tara’s infidelity things only go downhill for him. How does he bounce back? Watch the Indoori Ishq series full episodes and videos to know. Gather all your family and loved ones and binge-watch the Indori Ishq web series on MX Player for free, anytime and from anywhere. 

Best Web Series On MX Player #3: Flames

Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Web Series
Year: 2018

best romantic hindi web series

Ishita and Rajat, two West Delhi children, still in school are living the best days of their lives. Carefree and careless, they roman about on the streets with friends, go to school to bunk the periods, bunk the school to go to movies and life for them is just another adventure they have not explored yet. But set out on the list of adventure was one thing they had not expected but happened with them anyway. Then the love story enters if you love to watch romantic movies or college romance based series then this web series is for you. watch both season of this. 

#4: Pati Patni Aur Panga

Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family, Drama, Web Series
Year: 2020
Rating: A
Language, Sex

best hindi web series

The latest Hindi web series– Pati, Patni Aur Panga is a six episodic series that will most certainly make you laugh as well as throw light on important issues in the society.  The series makes for a perfect binge-watch on a stay at home weekend. The series narrates the story of a small-time broker whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a secret about his wife, a few days into the marriage. With society norms so rigid and the mindsets so rooted in orthodox thinking, the couple faces a problem that remains unheard for most. Will the couple choose to live a life filled with love, or will the norms set by regressive society drive them apart? 

Best Web Series On MX Player #5: Girlfriend Chor

Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Web Series
Year: 2020

Comady hindi web series

Lovelorn college guy Aakash has been friend-zoned – again! Neha, who he’s been pining for a while, broke up, immediately went on the rebound, and is now with the charming Vishal. Having seen Aakash’s patterns one too many times, his dad, Mohan decides that it’s time to intervene, much to Aakash, and his mother Sunaina’s chagrin. The parents invite themselves to Vishal’s party where the family meets Ritu, Vishal’s friend, who’s been friend-zoned by him the way Aakash has been. 

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