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Structured Data Testing Tool is a tool that check your provided machine-readable representation of your post directly on your site. The schema markup that’s added to your post or page in HTML helps Google and other search engines to understand and process your content reliably. ie. if you have to add FAQ on your post then you have to add FAQ Schema on your post or page html. 

What is a Schema Markup?

(Structured Data Testing Tool) Schema markup informs the search engine that on what topic your content is based on it helps search engine to provide accurate result to end user. Schema markup helps to convert unstructured data into structured data. Adding schema markup will help the search engine to crawl the content in better way which helps in raising the websites ranking. Schema markup is a piece of code that provides all required webpage information to search engine and search engine helps to rank your content on top search. If you want to check which Schema is used in any perticular article the you can use Structured Data Testing Tool to check in details.

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Benefits of Schema Markup

Benefits of Schema Markup As per research approximately less than one-third of blogger or content creator on google use schema which leaves us with a good opportunity to take advantage of schemas over our competitors webpage to improve site ranking and gain visibility on search result. When the page ranks higher on search result the click to action of the webpage also increases. You can use Search Colsole to check ranking and all other required details of your site.

Types of Schema Markup Code Languages

There are total 3 code language are in use to genrate Schema Markup for your webpage. Microdata, RDFA and Json-LD this 3 languages are comes under use to generate schema maekup for your content. Google search engine prefers Json-LD language as this language is easily redable and also easy to edit. 

Types of Schema Markup

There are different types of Schema Markup available all schema markup name are provided below:

  • Organization Schema
  • Local Business Schema
  • Product page
  • FAQ Schema
  • Article
  • squarespace breadcrumbs
  • Recipe
  • google job posting schema
  • Event Page
  • Video Page
  • How to schema

Best Schema testing tool | Rich snippet testing tool

Best Schema testing tool | Rich snippet testing tool | schema markup checker Schema markup helps various search engines to better understand your content, and these below 7 structured data tools make it easier to create, test, and execute easily.

  1. Schema App
  2. Google structured data testing tool
  3. Merkle Structured Data Tool
  4. Hall Analysis
  5. The RankRanger Structured Data Tool
  6. The Chrome Structured Data Plugin
  7. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

How To Generate Schema Markup?

There are several Structured data markup generator available in order to generate schema markup like Google Structured Data Markup Helper,,,, Schema Markup Generator by Merkle and many more schema generators are available. while using this tools you dont need any technicle knowledge or any coding knowledge. you just need to understand the attributes to genrate schema markup for your webpage.

Steps to generate schema markup for your webpage

Using below steps you can easily generate any schema markup code for your webpage, post. ie. organizational schema generator, google job posting schema, faq schema generator. you can generate schema for blogger and wordpress both the platform. 

  • Step1: from above given all schema generater tool name this tool is really easy to use so first Goto
  • Step2: Select the schema type as per your webpage requirement. 
schema markup tool
  • Step3: Once your selected schema option opens, then schema code page of your selected webpage will appear as shown below. In below schema example its a article type of
Schema Generator Tool
  • Step4: Now select the [email protected] and select the type as per your requirement from the dropdown as shown in the image below.
Schema Generator Tool 2022
  • Step5: Once the type of article has been selected as per your content then enter all the required details ie. webpage URL, image URL present on the page, articles short description showing- the meta description, author name, publisher, publisher logo URL, date published and lastly date modified.
  • Step6: Once all the details are entered carefully then click on the copy button on the top right corner
FAQ Schema generator
  • Step7: Past the copied Schema code and enter it within the HTML code of your webpage.

Why Schema Markup?

If crawler based search engine fails to understand the content of your webpage then this could lead to decreasing its rank on SERP.

Hence it is very important to use schema markup on all your important webpages and posts.

How To Use Google structured data testing tool?

In this article i will explain that how to use Google structured data testing tool. With Google’s structured data testing tool, you can paste a URL of your webpage or Schema markup data code snippet. If you are using Chrome browser as your default browser then you can add it as an extension also. 

step-by-step guide on how to use a Google structured data testing tool:

Here steps are provided below for how to use structured data testing tool:

  1. On above steps we have generated a schema markup code for webpage.
  2. Copy that code
  3. Go to Google structured data testing tool
  4. past your generated schema code here
  5. Click on test code
  6. Google structured data testing tool will show the result that code is ok or not.
  7. of your code os right then past that code into your webpage/ post html. 
  8. If you have already published post with schema markup code then you can test rich result by entering url of that webpage so google rich result test tool will show the result that entered schema code is correct or not. 

In case of any errors, you can proceed with the search result enhancements. Google recommends using the rich result test for more accurate results.

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