Runway 34 new trailer: Ajay Devgn as a pilot

Runway 34 is said to be inspired from true events. It stars Ajay Devgn, who's also directed it, apart from Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul Preet.

Ajay Devgn’s Runway 34 looks like a gripping tale set 35,000 feet above ground. But this isn’t your regular story of a plane mishap or its survivors.

Runway 34 watch online

Runway 34 Movie IN HD The movie’s second trailer, which released on Monday, reinstates that there’s more to the plot than what meets the eyes.

Runway 34 Movie IN HD

Runway 34 Movie Watch Ajay Devgn, who’s also directed the film, plays a pilot Vikrant Khanna while Rakul Preet Singh plays his co-pilot.

Runway 34 Movie Watch

Runway 34 Movie online Due to tribulations amid bad weather, Vikrant pulls all stops to ensure a safe landing of the passenger plane.

Runway 34 Movie Watch Online

Runway 34 Movie online But he looks like a man with a lot to hide. He chooses Runway 34 for the landing, much to the shock of people in the control room

Runway 34 Movie Watch Online

Runway 34 Movie online Does the plane land or crash is yet to be seen. But his decision surely calls for an investigation.

Runway 34 Movie Watch Online